About Us

Davie Discount Drugs began in 1977 as an independent, locally-owned pharmacy to serve the surrounding communities. Since that time, much has changed in the pharmaceutical industry. However, despite those changes, one thing that has not changed Davie Discount Drugs is our dedication to personal service. That service has been enhanced with current state-of-the-art technology which enables us to quickly and accurately fill your prescriptions.

Davie Discount Drugs has dedicated and efficient staff of pharmacist, technicians, delivery personnel and other team members to serve you in a prompt, courteous manner. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients as efficiently as possible. At Davie Discount Drugs we strive to provide the professional, personalized, fast, accurate, and courteous service which you have come to expect.

We accept all insurance plan and deliver in local area. We believe in trust and have a very good customer services track record.

Our staff includes the very knowledgeable Pharmacist, Jay Patel, who has been practicing as a pharmacist for the last 8 years and doing Immunization for past 4 years. Our Technician, Ms. Cheryl and Megan Barker are very courteous and friendly.

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